Daily Attendance glitch?

I know that this is my 2nd post in a row about glitches, but there’s WAY too many on Fantage, I can’t help it! This one has been happening to me for over a month, basicially whenever I’m close to 14 days on the Daily attendance, it takes me back to Day 1!Capture.PNG

I was LITERALLY on Day 13 yesterday.

I haven’t been counting, but this has happened AT LEAST 3 times up til today. RIP to the 5 CCC coupons and e-coined gems I would get today if Fantage wasn’t one big failure.😭


Fantage is Glitching???

Fantage has been glitching like CRAZY this past week. I’m sure most of you have experienced the first one which I’m not sure is a glitch exactly, Fantage keeps telling me my internet connection is slow and to retry later. This happens the whole day and starts working the next. This basically happens every other day.

Second, this week’s Bingo is impossible to finish because even after you complete the tasks, it doesn’t give you stamp for the task, showing that you still haven’t completed it. All our hard work gone to waste. I’m pretty sure thats why it doesn’t show any of the top 5 finishers like it usually does because no one has been able to finish it.


The red ticked tasks are the ones I have completed. Also notice the empty top ranks.

Lastly, the most annoying one. I tried to buy the Long sleeve crop top from Le Shop (6000 stars) AND IT TOOK AWAY MY STARS BUT DIDN’T GIVE ME THE TOP. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH >______________<

I literally worked so hard for the 6000 stars damn!!!!!!!!!!!!! I played a hella lotta games, sold a couple things at Lucky Bob’s, played Fashion Battle like 10 times (I lost a couple times lmao) and LE SHOP SCAMS ME???????????????????? I wasn’t exactly saving up just for that top, but still like wtf?!?!??!

Fantage better fix their shit cause I’m hella pissed off for my 6000 stars and wasted time. Damn dude.

Premium Membership Week tips!

Okay so, a few weeks back Fantage had the “Premium Membership week” which I’m sure every non-mem (like me) was super excited for. It’s nice of Fantage to let everyone experience the royalty of being a Premium member (even if it is one or twice a year😂).

Premium members have loads of benefits that non-members don’t get to experience, as I’m sure you know. But when Premium membership week does come by, sometimes people forget the smaller advantages members have like access to winning more medals, free items etc. In this post, I’m going to tell you about the less obvious advantages of Membership week that you can use the next time it rolls around.

1. Bonus Level free items

Since becoming a premium member boosts your levels by a ton, I checked out the Bonus Level medal stand next to the Board shop and the Costume shop in Uptown.


After temporarily becoming a member, I was on level 500+ because of which I got a free item that I would have to wait for ages and play tons of games for if I wanted it as a non-mem.

Sack board

The sack board

2. Trendsetter

Guess who was a Top 50 trendsetter during PM week?!?!??! Yeah baby, MEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you’re a non-member, you can’t see your place on the list unless you’re a member. I don’t think non-members can even be on the list.

3. Use up all your starred gems

Non-members can’t use their gems unless their e-coined (with the exception of the sapphire), so playing all the Games in the Enchanted Grotto is pretty much useless if you get anything other than a sapphire. You can use up all the starred gems as a member, and then when the PM week ends, just sell your member items that can no longer be used at Lucky Bob’s!


I’m not sure if this is a glitch or not because sometimes this happens and other times it doesn’t, but Orion doesn’t even let me cash in my starred sapphires anymore!Capture

4. Double the stars for playing games

Just in case you didn’t know, while you’re a premium member you can play games and get double the stars! This is pretty helpful for games like Fish Fish, Bricks Breaking and Pearly Pop where it’s really easy to get over 100 stars. 100 x 2 = 200. 200 stars for playing a fun and easy game, that sounds pretty good to me. You can also play Treasure Hunters while getting 100 stars for each level. If you play it enough, your Treasure Hunters level bar will start filling up, and you can get items for reaching a new level!

5. Seashell Collecting!

While being a member, you can actually buy the member Seashell collecting costume for stars, collect your seashells and get free items! If you did this while being a non-member, you’d have to pay 2,500 in ecoins, which isn’t worth it, cause it takes a long time to earn those ecoins without buying them.


I actually started using Fantage again on the 2nd last day of PM week, so I didn’t have the chance to collect all the free items you can get by collecting shells. Here are the items I collected:

There are 7 items you can get from collecting seashells, but it does take quite some time as some shells are found rarely. Note that these items can be worn even after you’re not a member anymore and that the shell bracelet is available for non-members if they buy the starred seashell costume for non-members as well.

I hope this post can help you the next time PM week comes back, or if you’re already a member and you haven’t tried any of these yet. Feel free to comment any other things I might have missed out on 🙂 Thank you for reading! ❤

Post hiatus

Hi guys! I doubt anyone is actually reading this , because most Fantage bloggers have quit or stopped blogging altogether, kind of like me except I’m back now. Besides, I dont have that many followers anyway.

Anyways, I have started playing Fantage again so I decided that I would also start blogging again! I do this thing where I stop playing Fantage for 2-3 months and then I start again for a month or so , its a cycle.-

I can’t guarantee that I won’t leave again, but in the meantime, I will be active on this blog and post whenever I feel like it. Feel free to comment ! If you’re a fantage blog like me, I’ll most likely follow you back!

Thank you for reading! ❤


I’m Back! + Giveaway?!?!

Fairy Life


I’m back!The reason why I was gone for so long was because I was very busy with school and YouTube.In case you guys haven’t already subscribed to my YouTube channel,then just click here!I have been uploading many new videos!

So,today,actually since some of the viewers don’t play Fantage,there is also a bloggers give-away too,and you can enter both if you want!

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Recolors + OOTD

hii! I started playing fantage again today and it feels so good to be back 🙂

also, when I logged on I noticed that I had 5000 ecoins??!?!? what even??  don’t remember ever having that many ecoins!

I spent almost 2000-ish on this hair i’ve been wanting for the longest time.


isn’t it pretty?

also possible ootd maybe?? :


idk, I really love the colors together and it just looks so good!

one more thing, I made a recolor! the character I recolored isn’t mine by the way





I did the eyes, hair and board 🙂 comment down below what you think about it!

oh yeah, and If you want to hang out on fantage, I’m on silver bunny 😀

I’m back :)

Hey guys. I’d been gone for almost a year :/

Somehow I forgot about this blog. Most of my favorite bloggers quit and im so upset 😦

I’m not quitting, I still want to blog about fantage, but I stopped playing it while I was gone, so I don’t really know much about what’s happening anymore.

So yeah. By the way, my birthday is in 2 days! And nialls is tomorrow!

And I don’t know how to end this lol. Bye :):):):):₩


*Remember, this is what I think and you may not think the same so if you have any rude things to say, please keep them to yourself*


I’m glad people stopped going to Star Cafe.

I think it used to be a place where all those members and the “cool people” used to go just to scream out stuff they thought was funny like “POTATOES XD” and jump around and stupid stuff like that. And when other people who didn’t look “cool” enough used to try and hang out with them (i’ve seen this happen a lot) they would say rude stuff to them and tell them to go away 😡

This is how you should look like if you want to be “cool” in Fantage nowadays:

flff  flff

And this how “uncool” people look:

flff       flff

You basically just have to be wearing a bunch of limited items together and voila! YOU’RE COOL! (not)

Also I find it sooooooo stupid and annoying when people go like, “OuO” or “e ei” or “o oi” or “Ono” LIKE WHAT?!


Please don’t hate on me for any of the things I have said.

End of rant.



Holidays Event!

There is a new event on Fantage and I find it really cute!


Polar Express:

It arrives every 3 minutes at the “Train Stop” in Downtown. There are two ‘tickets’ in the top right of the train which take you back to Downtown and to Mt. Fantage where the Christmas Tree is.


The Christmas Tree:

When you click on it, it gives you either a Snowman Face or a nose but the noses are rare. Once you have at least on of both, you can combine them to get a reward!


I had got the event medal after combining the two.

Limited Items:


The Limited Items for boys:


There are only member items this time 😦 Oh well. But I think they look all very cute together!

Santa’s Cabin:

You can see Santa in his cabin on December 25th


So yeah! Thats all for this event. I think Fantage is looking very nice and festive for the holidays this year! I’m sorry I posted this so late 😦


How to go to the Castle!


Fantage Spy

Article by cloud82

Remember back in the old days (2013), we could go to the opposite side of the castle? well Fantage changed it so when we click on the ‘castle’ it will automatically take us inside.

Remember this place? castlecastle1castle2

Well here is how to access it!


Go to Mt. Fantage, then go to the very right and click that tree.

Ta da 🙂

since not a lot of people know about this, there won’t be a lot of people… its a good place it film a music video, or to take pictures 🙂

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