I’m Back! + Giveaway?!?!

Fairy Life


I’m back!The reason why I was gone for so long was because I was very busy with school and YouTube.In case you guys haven’t already subscribed to my YouTube channel,then just click here!I have been uploading many new videos!

So,today,actually since some of the viewers don’t play Fantage,there is also a bloggers give-away too,and you can enter both if you want!

Fanage Giveaway:

How to Enter:

-Be following Fairy Life and my blog,Shania Ahmed(shaniaahmed.wordpress.com)

-Be Subscribed to my YouTube click here to view it!

-Comment “Enter Fantage”





Bloggers Give-Away:

How to Enter:

-Be following Fairy Life and my blog,Shania Ahmed(shaniaahmed.wordpress.com)

-Be Subscribed to my YouTube click here to view it!

-Comment “Enter Blog”





-8 re-blogs to any post

-Shout-out for blog on YouTube

-Picture Edits(I can show you many of them,the are really cool)

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Recolors + OOTD

hii! I started playing fantage again today and it feels so good to be back 🙂

also, when I logged on I noticed that I had 5000 ecoins??!?!? what even??  don’t remember ever having that many ecoins!

I spent almost 2000-ish on this hair i’ve been wanting for the longest time.


isn’t it pretty?

also possible ootd maybe?? :


idk, I really love the colors together and it just looks so good!

one more thing, I made a recolor! the character I recolored isn’t mine by the way





I did the eyes, hair and board 🙂 comment down below what you think about it!

oh yeah, and If you want to hang out on fantage, I’m on silver bunny 😀

I’m back :)

Hey guys. I’d been gone for almost a year :/

Somehow I forgot about this blog. Most of my favorite bloggers quit and im so upset 😦

I’m not quitting, I still want to blog about fantage, but I stopped playing it while I was gone, so I don’t really know much about what’s happening anymore.

So yeah. By the way, my birthday is in 2 days! And nialls is tomorrow!

And I don’t know how to end this lol. Bye :):):):):₩


*Remember, this is what I think and you may not think the same so if you have any rude things to say, please keep them to yourself*


I’m glad people stopped going to Star Cafe.

I think it used to be a place where all those members and the “cool people” used to go just to scream out stuff they thought was funny like “POTATOES XD” and jump around and stupid stuff like that. And when other people who didn’t look “cool” enough used to try and hang out with them (i’ve seen this happen a lot) they would say rude stuff to them and tell them to go away 😡

This is how you should look like if you want to be “cool” in Fantage nowadays:

flff  flff

And this how “uncool” people look:

flff       flff

You basically just have to be wearing a bunch of limited items together and voila! YOU’RE COOL! (not)

Also I find it sooooooo stupid and annoying when people go like, “OuO” or “e ei” or “o oi” or “Ono” LIKE WHAT?!


Please don’t hate on me for any of the things I have said.

End of rant.



Holidays Event!

There is a new event on Fantage and I find it really cute!


Polar Express:

It arrives every 3 minutes at the “Train Stop” in Downtown. There are two ‘tickets’ in the top right of the train which take you back to Downtown and to Mt. Fantage where the Christmas Tree is.


The Christmas Tree:

When you click on it, it gives you either a Snowman Face or a nose but the noses are rare. Once you have at least on of both, you can combine them to get a reward!


I had got the event medal after combining the two.

Limited Items:


The Limited Items for boys:


There are only member items this time 😦 Oh well. But I think they look all very cute together!

Santa’s Cabin:

You can see Santa in his cabin on December 25th


So yeah! Thats all for this event. I think Fantage is looking very nice and festive for the holidays this year! I’m sorry I posted this so late 😦


How to go to the Castle!


Fantage Spy

Article by cloud82

Remember back in the old days (2013), we could go to the opposite side of the castle? well Fantage changed it so when we click on the ‘castle’ it will automatically take us inside.

Remember this place? castlecastle1castle2

Well here is how to access it!


Go to Mt. Fantage, then go to the very right and click that tree.

Ta da 🙂

since not a lot of people know about this, there won’t be a lot of people… its a good place it film a music video, or to take pictures 🙂

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I was playing games on fantage to earn some extra stars and i got a highscore on Bobo Fish and Bricks Breaking 😀

3rd place in Bobo Fish


4th in Bricks Breaking


I really like playing Bricks Breaking it is sooo addicting! Anyways, I’m watching Ouija right now just becaause its night here and im home alone. I really like horror movies I have no idea why people don’t. Ok bye I’m continuing now.

CCC items + OOTD

So I got 3 CCC coupons today and I decided to use them. This is what I got:

wave  Cool Blue Hair

wave  Invisibility Shoes

wave  Polka Dotted Dress

I am very, very happy with what I got 🙂 They are soo cute and the shoes are super cool because when you wear them, you turn invisible! And they don’t look bad on any outfit.

Okay so the Outfit of the Day is:


I really like this outfit 🙂 I love working with the clothes nobody wears to create something different.

Hair: Wavy Light Blonde- 250 stars (non-member)

Top: Green Sweatshirt- 500 stars (non-member)

Bottom: Maroon Skirt- 70 stars (non-member)

Bag: School Bag- Book It or Bucket item (non-member)

Shoes: Fairy Shoes- Cosmic Bingo item (non-member)

Board: Classic Skateboard- 1500 stars (non-member)


So this is my outfit of the day:


I like it because it is cute and simple and the hair is hardly worn by anybody on Fantage because it doesn’t go with a lot of outfits.

Lantern: Very rare item

Hair: Lovely Locks-150 stars (non-member)

Top: Flowing Yellow-400 stars (member)

Bottom: Dark Green Shorts-350 stars (member)

Shoes: Fancy Black Flats-750 stars (non-member)

Board: Animal Wheel-900 stars (member)

I bought Animal Wheel, Flowing Yellow and Dark Green Shorts from ecoins because I’m not a member.

Hey guys

Hey guys. I’m back with a new blog.

I used to be fantagiandonut.wordpress.com but now I deleted that blog. I didnt want to because they were very special things on there but I did.

I’m starting fresh with this blog and I will make it as nice as I can 🙂